MAINLY - MultimodAl (INter)actions LYon: the construction and organisation of social actions

The MAINLY autumn school proposes an advanced training course (composed of a series of training workshops) that investigates the construction of actions in interaction. The course focuses on social actions as embodied, situated and multimodal phenomena (i.e. not only achieved through linguistic devices). The school will take place in Lyon 21st - 26th September, 2015, as part of the training programme that the ICAR Lab has developed through the summer schools since 2007.

The study of action construction will be approached from two standpoints : first, the participants’ mutual understanding, alignment and affiliation, and, second, the multimodal realization of actions.

The school offers practical as well as theoretical training, providing a mixed programme, in which plenary talks, research presentations on the various analytical aspects, data sessions, excercises and group-work on collections will be proposed ; thus, allowing participants to share and discuss their opinions and points of view. Additional sessions will be dedicated to the methodological issues of data collection, tool-supported transcription and multimodal annotations.

Plenary talks will be given in English; data will be trilingual (English, French and Italian); group work (data sessions, exercices, etc.) will take place in either language.

MAINLY addresses all the researchers and PhD students interested in the multimodal analysis of interaction and social actions.

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Deadline for inscription: 31st May, 2015.

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